Encompass Community Services

"It is with great pleasure I write in support of the Canopy Accelerator Co-Operative Limited's WynTree Nursery Project. Its principals have an outstanding and well-deserved reputation for its work in Wyndham, supporting local social enterprises, community groups and businesses. Our organisation, Encompass Community Services, has been assisting people with disabilities as well as other individuals who are disadvantaged such as disengaged youth, long-term unemployed and those facing financial, social, or learning barriers for over 36 years. We have been providing services in Wyndham for over five years and our latest project is establishing our College of Education and Training campus in Wyndham.

We are keen to involve WynTree Nursery Project's participants and volunteers in our various training and education programs on AHC 20316 Certificate II in Production Horticulture, Steps to Employment and Youth Jobs Path Block Courses by offering them real life opportunities to apply their learnings in:

I congratulate the Canopy Accelerator Co-Operative Limited on their foresight and fully endorse the application for funding."

Signed, Elaine Robb, CEO. 22 January 2022.

Parks Victoria