CACL: A Social Enterprise Fighting Climate Change

The Canopy Accelerator Co-operative Limited (CACL) is a Wyndham-based social enterprise established to address climate change by growing the percentage of tree canopy cover in Wyndham and the western suburbs which currently has the lowest percentage in the whole greater Melbourne area.

It is establishing local community owned tree nurseries which will grow seeds to seedlings, seedlings to advanced trees and through its tree planting teams plant trees in Tiny Forests and/or on contract by clients.

It is a non-distributing co-operative hence a not-for-profit organisation selling seedlings and advanced trees and providing services including planting trees in Tiny Forests and as required by the clients which may include Councils, Parks Victoria, government and private companies involved in tree planting activities.

It established the WynTree Friends Group at 461 Point Cook Road, Point Cook, a part of the Point Cook Coastal Park, a Crown land managed by Parks Victoria. Parks Victoria granted a licence to WynTree Friends Group to operate a nursery and implement approved activities at 461 Point Cook Road known as the WynTree Nursery.

It is engaging and encouraging the local community to participate in achieving its objective of increasing the canopy cover in Wyndham and the western suburbs by offering opportunities for volunteers to grow tree seedlings in their backyards to help the environment and ecosystems suitable for generations to come.