Volunteer Grower Program

Let us help the environment to make it suitable for generations to come.

Volunteer growers raise native plant seedlings from seeds in their backyards. After six months, the seedlings are ready for planting by the users or grown to advanced trees at the WynTree Nursery in Point Cook.

Volunteer Growers may, depending on their time available, chose to:

The choice of varieties of seeds will be made by WynTree and dependent on the requirements of the Growing Program.

The major tasks are

The most important commitments from a volunteer are

Our qualified staff from WynTree will support you by providing advice throughout growing period to produce robust healthy seedlings. We provide phone support for replacement of the seeds, if required, backup support for the seedling growing if you're unable to fulfil your growing assignments.

Volunteer Involvement

Commitment: Because you will be growing seedlings for a specific project, it is vital you're able to commit to see the seedling project through from start to finish.

Time: It takes six months to grow your seedling. From November to May the seedlings will need to be checked and watered daily. If you are going away on holidays, we recommend taking help from friends to check/water the seedling.

Location for seedling: Direct sun for a minimum 8 hours per day is critical for healthy seedling. So, select area carefully. 6 boxes take up to one square metre area.

Shade Cloth: You will need to cover the seedlings on hot days with 50% dense shade clothing during the early stages of the growth

Growing bench: It is advisable to have well drained, waist high, sturdy growing bench with good airflow to protect plants from pest & diseases.

Water: Access to a good quality water supply suitable for growing seedling is essential. High saline water from some bore may not be suitable.

Lifting: Box full of soil weigh around 12Kg when dry and more when wet if you have back problem or difficulty in lifting, we recommend taking help.

Material Collection: You need a vehicle to collect materials from our nursery at point cook. 6 boxes can fit in a standard car.